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Our custom long-range / tactical rifles are 1/2 MOA guaranteed. They are shipped with the initial break-in procedure complete as well as a 5 round 100 yard proof target. We offer custom builds primarily on Remington 700 actions. We blueprint and true the action, lap the bolt  lugs, cut, crown, & chamber the barrel and single-point cut the thread extension as well as pillar and/or steel bed the stock. We proudly use Rock Creek, Broughton, and Bartlien barrels. Our base rifle starts at about $2,050. Our flagship, the unbelievable .338 Lapua Magnum Ultra-Match has proven to be 1/2 MOA capable at 1,000 yds! PREDATOR Custom Shop also offers incredible "range ready" packages which proudly include Leupold optics.

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